Mogilev at the age of 42 was stunned by the flexibility and slender legs


Natalia Mogilevskaya shared a new photo on Instagram, taken during training in the dance hall.

The singer once again proved to all people that a woman’s age is irrelevant when it is “wound up”. 42-year-old Mogilev admired users of the social network Instagram a new photo, or rather a position in which she is depicted in this picture.

Favorite Ukrainian public involved in the project “Dances with stars z,” in which she took part 10 years ago, but these years, Natalia went only benefit, because now it has become even more professional dance, and apparently has not changed, except that the hair was shorter.

In a new photo with a workout in the dance hall Mogilev almost did the splits in the air, raising his leg up. A huge cut of the dress only emphasized the fact that the singer has a beautiful, toned legs, one of whom can’t take my eyes Mogilev followers so far.


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