Modification of the DNA of Chinese twins led to unexpected consequences


Модификация ДНК китайских близнецов привела к неожиданным последствиям Scientists believe that the experiment affected the mental ability of children.

In November, twins were born the moon and Nana, which at the stage of fetal development altered DNA. This was done in order to exclude infection with the HIV virus.

The intervention took place using the technology, “CRISPR”, which failed to remove the CCR5 gene. This gene, by the way, and allows HIV to enter the cells.

Many doctors condemned the work of the Biophysics Heh Jancoa, as the deleted gene has a significant impact on intelligence and memory. Maybe the twins got superyoshi. To such conclusion experts of the University of California, Los Angeles after some research.

Most likely, the moon and Nana will have outstanding intellectual abilities. Some time ago Dr. Alcino Silva was looking for ways of ending such violations as loss of memory. In the end, he came across the CCR5 gene, which could significantly improve brain function. The expert conducted experiments on rodents, in which all guesses have been confirmed.

When deletion of the gene CCR5 in fact changes the brain, said Silva. The brains of mice and people are similar, therefore, 100% of twins are endowed with the unique mental abilities.


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