Mobile phones under the pillow can cause cancer


Мобильные телефоны под подушкой могут вызвать рак

Scientists from the Department of public health California warn that left next to a sleeping man mobile phones are a danger to his health.

A mobile phone is often used as an alarm clock, with many leaving the device at night next to my pillow. Scientists strongly recommend to keep the phone as far as possible during sleep because the electromagnetic radiation from the device causes a number of serious diseases.

“Electromagnetic radiation causes the greatest harm to body at night, if the mobile phone near your pillow,” said the Department of public health, California (California Department of Public Health, CDPH).

Representatives of the CDPH reported that prolonged use of mobile phone causes migraines, sleep problems and memory, and in some cases the auditory nerve and even brain tumors.

California scientists strongly recommend to keep the phone away from the head during sleep. They also recommend to use a headset for mobile calls and keep your device in your bag, not in pocket.


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