Mitsubishi ready to show their evolutionary concept


Mitsubishi готова показать свой эволюционный концептMitsubishi e-Evolution – a fully electric crossover new generation.

At the 45th motor show in Tokyo company Mitsubishi Motors Corporation unveils its new concept e Mitsubishi-Evolution. Fully electric concept represents the development direction in which the company plans to develop in the near future. The Mitsubishi concept e-Evolution will be presented in artificial intelligence systems for easier management, and increase performance of the car, four-wheel drive, three engines, an active stabilization system and training system.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution – a fully electric crossover new generation, which sets the direction of technology development of MMS in the near future. Combining the best technologies of Mitsubishi Motors, flexibility and patency of the SUV provide perfect driving experience.

The Mitsubishi concept e-Evolution of knowledge and expertise of the MMC in the development of electric four-wheel drive SUVs to a new level through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). A perfect combination of all elements of the car guarantees safety and thrills of driving in all weather conditions and on all road surfaces, in full accordance with the reputation of the model Evolution.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution equipped with a high performance electric motors with high torque and the battery that ensures a smooth and powerful move, which qualitatively distinguishes the electric vehicle from vehicles with internal combustion engines.

The complete drive system is implemented with three engines: one of them ensures the movement of the front wheels and the rear axle is equipped new Dual Motor AYC2 with two engines, which are interconnected unit active rear transverse differential (AYC) with electronic control. Thanks to that the city, on the highway or on a twisty road the car clearly and accurately controlled exactly as the driver wants.

A think tank of the Mitsubishi concept e-Evolution is the system of artificial intelligence that extends the capabilities of the driver. A number of sensors provides the system with information about changing road and traffic conditions, and the actions of the driver. Optimally adapting the capabilities of the car to the driving style, the system adapts to any driver regardless of its level of training. Safe and easy control of the car brings a new level of driving.

Special learning function allows the artificial intelligence system to gently alert the driver to make the feel of the controls of the car even more enjoyable. Defining the level of driving skill, the system constructs a training program with the submission of the recommendations by voice or through the display of the instrument panel. Due to this, drivers with all skill levels to learn fast, and the car adjusts to the driver.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution will be one of 12 cars that will be presented to the company at the motor show in Tokyo. Besides him, the new crossover Eclipse Cross along with other flagship models, MMC will present a full range of the company in Japan.

Mitsubishi готова показать свой эволюционный концепт
Mitsubishi готова показать свой эволюционный концепт
Mitsubishi готова показать свой эволюционный концепт
Mitsubishi готова показать свой эволюционный концепт


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