Mitigation of punishment or concern about the employment of corrupt officials?


Смягчение наказания или забота о трудоустройстве коррупционеров?

You can arbitrarily write about the economic degradation and the degradation of the state system of economic management, but nothing is more persuasive than the report of the audit office is not yet invented. The last test showed that the degradation of the economic management system was accelerated by the numbers approximately two times compared to last year.

People have somehow got used that the care for the profits of bankers and oligarchs is a priority of the new “social state”. In this new oligarchic-bureaucratic society, fences and security such that it is hidden behind the fence of the local flood “socialism” and “communism”, safely hidden from the eyes of ordinary society. For the current elite are no reserves no one will regret.

And the reserves of hundreds of billions go to us debt securities, whereas debt problems of its population – our economic sheriffs are not interested. Instead of solving economic problems, the government has thrown all forces to rescue the corrupt, by making a bill to mitigate their punishment, to be seen in the corruption schemes as fast as possible back to public service.

The scary thing is that the degradation has no mask. In the article the media, “officials softened the punishment for corruption” is a serious Ministry which the arguments a little shocked common sense, and everything that was said earlier about serious fight against corruption.

The idea is to let first, second and third circle of corrupt officials in the highest echelons of the state administration, giving them a 2 year “vacation” to where they could reclaim the money stolen, to establish a new business in stolen – this latest masterpiece state of moral degradation. It’s like that rotten fish head to sew new fish carcass to improve its genetics. This is what is happening now with the government more broadly in the economy.

Returning to his former position and promote your new business with the right government contracts and “friends” to corrupt, you can multiply your capital so that it is certainly ever notice on the cover of Forbes magazine.

Then again it is possible for 2 years to go in your business, to relax from state Affairs. Everyone understands that bred corruption officials will take each other to work, since owe each other corruption. Because someone in the chain takes the brunt and the rest will be a “must”, i.e. will be required to employ him after 2 years.

The report Golikova V. Putin everyone can read it. However, in the press put emphasis on numbers, and that Vladimir Putin was asked to make Golikova, no one paid much attention. But the President asked Golikova not a lot not a little “pochikat” that leads to progressive deterioration. To prepare a paper and a project.

And there, in the holes of state control is an astronomical spin and funneling money to the right people. The appetites of the huge trillion. And how would everyone know that it runs Prime. After all, not once Golikova’s report was made. And the degradation grew. Ask gently “cut” a bear is possible, but such powers can only of GDP. Here is why it is not noticed in the press.

Dissatisfaction with the President can understand. He goes to the polls, catches their pikes, and the guys in the government, as it said harshly to the people, does not his “ear to eat”.

If in the 90s said that capitalism is a cruel thing that not many survive, and now the degradation is such that even words that do not spend.

It is unknown what other projects are developing people, not to economic the kitchen, but every time I shudder when a new and unexpected that pop up like a Jack-the-box.

The employment of corrupt officials is now a priority. It is clear that a workman does not bring such profits established a new class to the state, which is located behind a large fence.

Sense of scale of the new laws established bureaucratic-oligarchic state and care about it? What they come up with tomorrow? Nobody knows. Therefore, this “inadequate” and scares people.



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