Missing in Mexico Natalia Andreichenko was in the jungle


Пропавшая в Мексике Наталья Андрейченко нашлась в джунглях

Living in Mexico actress Natalia Andreichenko, the disappearance of which became known yesterday, was released on bond. She recorded a video in which he thanked fans for their concern and told that, fleeing from his girlfriend on Saturday, turned off the phone and didn’t even think that it’ll look.

The actress admitted that was very tired, as in recent weeks, had to work a lot. “I needed to liberate themselves and to gain strength… a Little quiet time to put themselves in front of new tasks… When I arrived from my friend Merete Saturday mid-day home – I was waiting for the car to take 2.5 hours from the sea in the depths of the jungle,” – said Andreychenko.

In the place where she spent almost three days, “organized a special settlement with interesting spiritual leaders from different countries of the world.” “When I was brought to him, on my chest already had a sign “silence”/silent. In this amazing place you are in complete privacy and nobody has the right to disturb you,” – said the actress.

On the eve of the concern with the disappearance of the wife, beat her PR Director Yang Trunev. He said that the artist had previously gone on a while, but not for two days, so her team “stood on ears”. The concern of colleagues was caused by the fact that the wife complained of malaise and drowsiness.


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