Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: developer diary gameplay


Mirror's Edge Catalyst: дневник разработчиков игрового процессаThe main difference Catalyst is an open world structure.

Hooray, DICE and Electronic Arts are starting to show more Mirror’s Edge Catalyst! Maybe warm up the people before the beta test? Anyway, the new video is accompanied by a story about the gameplay.

According to the creators, the main difference Catalyst is an open world structure. DICE has built a big city where there was a place not only basic tasks but also all sorts of extra assignments: for example, in some faith needs to be shipped (it’s a profession after all!), and the other girl will bail out Running.

On the background of the video you can hear the works of the composer Solar Fields, who composed the famous soundtrack for the first Mirror’s Edge. Catalyst in music takes into account the situation around and adapts to your style of passing.

Release Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is scheduled for may 24.


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