“Miracles” Of Sberbank


"Чудеса" Сбербанка

Many use the services of this organization. From the TV screen and the news feed we get to learn that there improve. But often the reality is not like promised. This organization has a head, hands and feet – as a man who does his job with full awareness of the case. But the logic there is trouble! The brain comes up with something, and body works, but somehow unconsciously.

Take social networks: Facebook and contact. Groups are there and they function, but the responses to complaints are half-hearted or in a series of “Not caught – not a thief” or “I am the king, what I want, please.” Recently had a chance to appeal on the website of Sberbank. The complaint was considered and given a response. What type thanks for the letter… very important to us… we have your complaint sent to the office and they will review the situation…find out the result in the branch office. Just fine! I asked a question and I was promised an official response, which assumes the form with the name of the artist, signed and stamped, and the result was a standard otpion!

Two years ago my girlfriend opened an account in Sberbank. So instead of her usual books were given the contract. Say, now, the only way issued. After some time after these events she opened the contribution in the same branch of Sberbank. After interviews and paperwork gave me a contract. But I somehow familiar to passbook. Asked why I didn’t give her up. The answer was the same as my friend, namely: “Now the new form – contracts”. This information seemed plausible, and I decided to find out.

First came the VC. After a clearly specified question was abstract answer. Say, is there life on Mars – the science is not yet known! Then “went” on Facebook. There during the day and not wait for a response. Call the Federal number. Here is the movie started! I was responsible for 6 operators! One complements the other! The conversation sounded something like this:
– Tell, whether there corresponds to reality information on the replacement passbook dogovorom on the design of the contribution?
– Wait, I will clarify.
Waiting, sir.
– Thank you for waiting. Yes the information is correct.
– Replacement of checkbooks for a contract convenient not for everyone. What about grandparents who don’t know how to use a computer and gadgets?
– Wait, I will clarify.
Yeah. picking up a different person.
– Thank you for waiting. At the moment only provides a form of service.
– And on the basis of the document cancelled form – passbook?
– Wait, I will clarify.
Yeah. Meets a different voice.
– Thank you for waiting. This form is cancelled on the basis of internal instructions.
– Internal manual is a document binding on the employee and he may not cancel an official form of the document.
– Wait, I will clarify.
Wait-with Answers again another employee. Sounded more experienced than the previous counterparts.
– Thank you for waiting. The fact that now temporarily suspended the issuing of savings books vsyazi with what approved their new form, and printing does not have time to print new forms. But they will be!
– When?
– In the near future.
“Next time” is your time frame?
– I’ll call your Department and will specify the date they received the forms and will call you back.
Naturally, I called back and was invited to receive the document. I imagine on the place of retirees. Yes, not enough of them on my part. They don’t know about social networks and the Federal room. Their stupid football. Holy shit, but not so with older people! Where is the disrespect? Why employees do not have full information? Or don’t want to know? Or pretend to be a hose?

When speaking with any potential client, is it not possible to warn that he will be issued a contract rather than the usual “book”? Why the person put already a fait accompli? After all, if a customer is not satisfied with the form of contract and he will be asked to return all back, he would answer that the documents and money designed and too late. The client cannot misinform. Well, drew up a contract, and then ask when will be the forms and the customer will come and replace it, if necessary.
In short, not all is quiet in the Danish Kingdom.


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