Minus 3 kg in a week how to lose weight without hurting stomach


Минус 3 кг за неделю: как похудеть, не навредив желудкуWhat a colorful diet and how to observe it.

To lose up to 3 pounds in a week without harming health, will help colorful diet.

On a conventional diet for weight loss need to monitor the quality and quantity of food, and in non-diet control is only on color perception. This power design is suitable for many people because it is hearty, balanced and effective.

One cycle of the diet is designed for seven days. This is the best term, but to extend the diet for two weeks.

Monday – white

Boiled potatoes, bananas, rice, milk, cheese mozzarella, spaghetti, coconut pulp, boiled egg protein, chestnuts, cauliflower.

Caveat: in white products lot of carbohydrates, so do not abuse them.

Tuesday – red

Red beans, tomatoes, cherries, red currants, basturma, dry red wine, red sweet pepper, Cayenne pepper, cranberries, red grapes, strawberries, raspberries.

Red increases blood circulation and increases the muscle tone. The body is in this mode spends extra calories.

Environment – green

Leafy vegetables, green herbs, kiwi, green tea, rhubarb, cucumbers, sea cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli.

Green phytonutrient – rich sources of chlorophyll and magnesium. They positively affect health of nervous system, muscle formation and hormonal balance in the body.

Thursday – orange

Carrots, papaya, salmon, mango, sea buckthorn, pumpkin, watermelon, mango, apricots, peaches, papaya and tomatoes contain carotenoids like beta-carotene, and lycopene. They prevent premature aging and cancer.

The color orange increases the appetite, but orange foods low in calories, so if you are not allergic to any of them, you can use them indefinitely.

Friday – purple

Eggplant, dark grapes, BlackBerry, blueberry, black currant, plum, purple Basil, artichokes.

Purple foods have antioxidant properties, normalizes the work of gastrointestinal tract, improve blood composition.

Saturday – yellow

Pineapple, peaches, apricots, sweet yellow peppers, squash, sweet yellow apples, carrots, corn, “Mature” cheese, honey, beer, egg yolk.

Corn, carrots and yellow peppers are rich in carotenoids, good for skin. Mustard and turmeric contain curcumin, an antioxidant, has anti-inflammatory properties.


Only mineral water. A fasting day.

Remember that fasting is contraindicated in chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diabetes and other diseases. Before fasting even one day, you need to consult a gastroenterologist or nutritionist.


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