Minecraft has created an exact copy of the Chernobyl zone


The founder of Minecraft created it for two years.

In the past two years, the Creator of Minecraft has gradually built a map, repeating the Chernobyl zone. The project, dubbed the “Chernobyl of the universe”, recently received a new update, and although not completed, but already contains many of the famous sights of the radioactive area, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Comments.

Last version, v0.02, contains the Northern part of the nuclear power plant, the substation and the location of the new sarcophagus. Visit Planet Minecraft cartographer of Anesko explains that the plan is to recreate the Chernobyl area as accurately as possible, using all available data. “I sort as much data as possible, which I get mostly from the Internet, such as Google Maps and other useful things. Of course, not all information may be obtained from the Internet, but unfortunately, I have no other means to collect data,” said Yanisko.

The engineer used two applications, MCEdit2 and Worldpainting. Anisko published his email address for those who may have more specific information about Chernobyl, which he can use in future construction.

This week, Minecraft was in the Hall of fame of the world of video games. A community of developers continues to produce more and more impressive projects such as the reconstruction of Hogwarts, which turned into a magical RPG. The developer Mojang recently released an additional product Minecraft Dungeons, which is designed for young players.


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