Miley Cyrus with family almost died in a plane crash


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Popular American singer Miley Cyrus almost died in a plane crash.

As reported in the edition of the Daily Mail, a few days ago 26-year-old singer performed at a music festival in Glastonbury in the UK. But, Miley the plane on which she flew to the concert, almost crashed.

The older sister of the singer, 32-year-old Brandy told that the ship was preparing to make an emergency landing, but the pilots twice could not do it.

It was a real madness. Miley is sitting on my lap, mom holding my hand, sitting in the aisle, they start to go crazy, and nobody tells us what’s going on . After a time we were told that there was another plane and we could encounter. It was terrible to even think about it “, – says the girl.

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However, as was previously the women calmed down as soon the situation is again repeated and the plane almost crashed a second time.

After the plane circled for 10 minutes, again the pilots decided to land. My mom started to cry and repeat that if we all die, Noah (Miley’s younger sister – Prim. ed.) will remain one,” says Brandy.

In the end the pilots managed to stabilize the situation and the plane continued its way to the UK, where it successfully landed. Through time Miley has performed at the concert.

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