Mikheil Saakashvili urgently need in Washington


Михаилу Саакашвили срочно нужно в Вашингтон

The resignation of Odessa’s Governor, had stood at his post even two years, not only has domestic causes. Turned into complete political bankruptcy, Mikheil Saakashvili, clearly looking for a “political pension”. And date of resignation – on the eve of elections in the United States – suggests what Saakashvili sees his future.

The official reason for the resignation of Mikheil Saakashvili from the post of Governor of the Odessa region are commonplace. Former Georgian President blamed the Ukrainian authorities do not want to actually fight corruption.
True cause of the incident belong to the realm of assumptions and speculation. However, one thing is for sure – they are not associated exclusively with internal Ukrainian Affairs and clearly have some foreign component. This is due to the obvious fact that Mikhail Saakashvili was and still is not caught on the “Varyag” in the Ukrainian system, his interest in her is very secondary and, so to speak, external (and not internal are involved).

Moreover, in parallel with Saakashvili and his wife refused the Deputy mandate in Georgia.

From this point of view there are two main themes that could push the couple Saakashvili to resign:

1. The failure of Saakashvili’s party in the recent parliamentary elections in Georgia.

2. Election of the President of the United States.

In October, Georgia held parliamentary elections in which Saakashvili’s party “United national movement” dramatically worsened the results compared to the previous election and became an opposition party, having no influence on decision-making.

In the previous months, Saakashvili has repeatedly stated about the upcoming triumphant return to Georgia election results. Instead, he got a crushing failure that has buried those plans, and finally turned into a marginal figure, with no real weight in the country.

Moreover, the failure in the elections exacerbated the split in the party and the initiatives within it to remove Saakashvili from management.

The main public goal Saakashvili last time was a failure, which demonstrated to the world that it has become a political zero at Home. In such circumstances, the inevitable correction and reformatting of their ideas and plans. Resignation from the post of the Governor of Odessa is just the first step of adaptation of Mikhail Saakashvili to new circumstances and conditions.

Of course, the most intriguing – and inspiring for the conspiracy – is the resignation exactly on the eve of elections of the American President. It gives reason to speculate that it is not a coincidence. Moreover, the political biography Saakashvili also gives much food for thought in this regard.

It is widely known that Mikhail Saakashvili is a reliable minion and conductor of Western interests in postsovetskom space. In Ukraine he was also under the patronage (if not at the direction) of Washington.

It should be noted that the post of Georgian President’s first term, he worked with the Republicans (White house at that time was occupied by George W. Bush), and in recent years, for obvious reasons, Saakashvili was most closely associated with the Democratic party. Including specifically with Hillary Clinton, who served in Obama’s first term Secretary of state of the United States.

Accordingly, his resignation on the eve of the voting day in the US begs the question, not whether it is connected with his assumptions about the election results. The victory of Hillary Clinton, according to many experts, promises the toughening geopolitical confrontation between the USA and Russia. But trump promises to return to the traditional policy of isolationism, not to engage in the overthrow of unwanted regimes and to improve relations with Russia. Ukraine is now suspended in a very unpleasant position of the sacrificial goose. It is unlikely that Mikhail Saakashvili is a close idea to share with the current country of stay.

Most likely, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. If you combine all of the above, it is possible that Saakashvili’s resignation is explained in the simplest manner.

He lost any political clout at Home, has not achieved any progress in Ukraine, which continues to sink into chaos and causes less interest in the West. Mikhail Saakashvili was a complete political bankruptcy.

In these circumstances, it is not the only solution for him is to try to get a job in the public or parapublic agencies in the West, in the United States. Moreover, it plays into the hands of the impending change of administration, and regardless of who wins the election. Although Clinton for it, of course, preferable.

To solve this problem, Mikhail Nikolozovich is simply vital the next couple of months to be in DC to have a chance to attract the attention of a new occupant of the White house, which will be announced tomorrow.

Moreover, whoever comes to power in Washington, he (or she) will inevitably have the effect occurred in the world in recent years, changes – to generate a large pool of “experts on Russia”. So Mikhail Saakashvili, completely there is hope to fit into this system on a well-deserved political rights of the pensioner.


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