Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Where are the limits of cooperation with the government?


Михаил Ходорковский. Где пределы сотрудничества с властью?

Where are the limits of cooperation with the government? At what point should say: “We are on different sides of the barricades”?

The question is relevant for me. I’m on the fence was.

Discussions have been going on for a long time with “getting personal”. Pension reform and the expected “crackdown” makes the conflict harder.

My position is clear: no support of the Kremlin and its government servants.

However, among those who are currently working on the power of the many respected and even the people I love.

One of them treats people and rightly asserts – without help, without the consent of the Kremlin will not give money and people will die.

Someone engaged in cultural projects and so rightly says, as the Kremlin stooges in exchange for the allocation of money for culture require a “gesture of loyalty”.


I say the same teachers, scientists, economists, businessmen…

Only here it is necessary to remember:

convincing yourself and telling publicly about, for example, “the need for pension reform,” these respectable people are lying to themselves and others because they understand that reform is needed, but when large pensions and no resource rents and not when the rent is stolen or simply fucked (excuse my French) by the President and his friends!

For example speaking “confidant” of the President, they are lying that they believe in the competence of the person, as head of the country, although the results of his work clearly say he is competent only in retention of power…

Taking today the “government” award – lying, that is the reward of the country for work, no, they understand it is a cheap SOP for the loyalty that put on a par with Kadyrov, Putin and Kiselyov, and not with Yury Ryzhov and Vitaly Ginzburg, who since 2000 awards are given.

Can I blame them? No, only regret – one life…

We can even cooperate where it is necessary for the good of the country.

The penalty for servility will be its own conscience. Believe me – it hurts.

But hard not divide here.

And find it not difficult: the violation of fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual. Torture in the interests of power, murder, unlawful imprisonment, promoting infringement of rights, theft, corruption, racketeering, election fraud…

Those who are doing it or being on appropriate positions, cover making. Here is the point where the Union becomes impossible – only talks about rules of war or the conditions of their surrender.

We – the citizens of one country, we claim to one land. The rejection of the possibility of Union, compromise with a significant part of society is war. Civil war.

Perhaps it will not be possible to avoid, but try not expanding the number of enemies beyond the required need.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky.


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