Migrants in Spain are massively evicted owners of the houses


Мигранты в Испании массово выгоняют хозяев из домов


The volatile situation of migrants, osadovsky Europe, there in Spain. Here visitors EN masse seize private homes, evicted owners. And it turns out to be perfectly legal. And suffer from this invasion not only citizens, but also foreigners who invested in Spanish property.

Russian Dmitry Slyn’kiv, bought a house in Spain, after a brief absence I learned that in his foreign house is already possessed by uninvited guests.

“I have sent friends a photo where you can see that my site is worth someone’s car. And the house never passed. Later it turned out that the house flooded so-called “occupancy”. And they can be evicted only through court. About this I was told by the local police. The guards said we even you will not come”, – said the Russian.

“Occupacy” – those who illegally breaks into other people’s homes and then lives there. In Spain there is a law that if the housing is cast and there is someone a stranger moved in and lived there for 48 hours, then evict him from his home only by court order.

Russian businessman, faced with occupany, said that for eviction of illegal tenants, he had to go to the trick.

“First we cut the power, turned off the water. Then I personally went into the house and escorted to the main occupata. After he was outside the house, everyone else is in support of my friends left home”, he said.

Occupacy soon tried to return, but the situation has turned 180 degrees: the house was occupied by his immediate owner, and the police were already on his side.

Migrants in Europe do not become less, so the problem for civilians is growing. The police do nothing, and meanwhile the tolerant European leftists publish detailed instructions for illegals on how to root, how to connect water and electricity, what to tell the cops, and that – angry owners.

In such a situation, ordinary Spaniards only hope for myself: to live in a besieged fortress, all the time to leave someone at home to install an alarm system and bars on the Windows. However, any security system can be circumvented, the more that immigrants prefer to settle groups of fifty people at least.




Angry Spaniards filled up the government with petitions demanding to solve the problem. The Complainants, it was announced that the case about occupato courts will be considered under the accelerated procedure: not half a year, and a maximum of six months.


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