Migrant workers began returning to Uzbekistan


Гастарбайтеры начали возвращаться в Узбекистан

Russia has a chance to settle difficulties in the question of migrant workers. Every taxi driver who gave me a ride in Uzbek cities, always asking: “where are you from?”(Reference to “you” in Uzbekistan is not too accepted.) Hearing “from Moscow”, solid nodded and said: “Yes, I worked there.” However, it later transpired that the work was not entirely in Moscow and in St. Petersburg, Kursk, and even in the icy wind. Usually, my interlocutors worked hard on construction sites, “fish” in a taxi, janitors, cooks and waiters.

Struck Ulugh beg Bukhara, managed half a day to plow construction, and the other half a day to cook rice in an elite restaurant in the center of Moscow. “You can cook have at all without checking?”- “Oh, brother, of course! They are important – a small salary to pay.” “The system is simple, Rahim from Samarkand. One man, referring to a solid, takes in Moscow two-room apartment for 40 thousand. Populated by 30 people there, pay for 3 thousand each. While some work, others sleep on the floor. I have a job”. Due to the fall of the ruble many illegal immigrants returned home to Uzbekistan. According to statistics, in 2015 from Russia back came 1 million (!) Uzbek migrant workers. Is it true?

The “bogeyman” at the station

Judging by the bus in Tashkent and Samarkand, so to say. There’s still chock-full of old bus with the words “Moscow” and “Astrakhan”, buses that are falling apart on the go – just like that recently burned down on the highway, heading to Russia: the fire killed 52 of the citizen of Uzbekistan. Migrants are flocking to the bus stations from small towns and villages, where the average salary is about 3 thousand rubles. in terms of our money. It is almost always young men, poor knowledge of Russian language. In Russia they do not buy patents to work – they are usually sent EN masse to the construction. Groups of future builders run by “Baba” (“grandpa”), although sometimes they are barely 30 years old. They run and device of migrants in large cities of Russia in exchange for a percentage. But, if it is migrant workers in Russia was less than a quarter, how much time they had before?

– Statistics show that Russia was working from 4 to 6 million Uzbeks, says Oybek Timurov, the doctor of the district hospital in Samarkand. – Since 1991 from us to Russia was traveling the so-called qualified personnel: doctors, professors, teachers, scientists. They are trying to bring back want even the ads to run. But they don’t come back – it’s a good job, a moved to RF wives and children and weaned from Uzbekistan in the twenty-some years. There was better, but the money people still not so much. And my friends who came back from Volgograd and Tyumen due to a sharp depreciation of the ruble, now I not hurried? More recently, 20% of the country’s GDP was remittances from Uzbek migrant workers in Russia. Will it be possible to come off of the needle?

“Fools and tourists»

Life in the country is really changed. The new President Shavkat Mirziyoev spent unprecedented for Uzbekistan’s economic reforms. On arrival you no longer need to go to the market and change the “money changers” in the ruble and Uzbekistani som. Previously, the official rate was two times below the black market rate and the banks carried the money (as expressed by Uzbeks) only “stupid American tourists”. Tourism is developing so that will be envied. The year has opened numerous budget hotels, between cities launched new routes high-speed trains. I was struck by the fact the provincial youth and ordinary owners of cafes at the Tashkent Bazaar Chorsu good at talking in English. While in Samarkand, I saw even the local policemen, though with difficulty, but explained in the language of Shakespeare. Uzbekistan struggles to escape the image of the “Kingdom workers”, becoming a popular destination for travel in Bukhara and Samarkand Western guests of the crowd. But enough of things that haven’t changed since Karimov. Corruption flourishes – cashiers in the booths at landmarks, in a low voice, I offer the ticket at half price by sending the money in his pocket. However, officials can now complain via the Internet those who are not accustomed to electronic complaints, fright react instantly. Publications of the Russian press about Uzbekistan the reaction is the same fast – my story on the website “AIF” has been blocked after a couple of hours after the release: that he was not able to read the Uzbeks.

Mafia refrigerators

– The reign of Karimov were based on the following things – we are poor, but there are no revolutions and attacks by Islamists in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, – says a former employee of the Ministry of Finance, Rustam Abdullayev (the name is changed. – Ed.). And of course, the utter dictatorship: for the anecdote about the President were imprisoned. Now there are exemptions – for example, no longer mandatory to send students to the cotton harvest, however, incomes in the state remain complexity. Wages, as in Russia transfer to a Bank card. But not everywhere it is possible to pay. At the supermarket – please, but for a refrigerator or a TV without paying. As a result there was even a “financial mafia” that makes cashing in 20-25% of the price.

Uzbekistan it is important to return their labor power. We had egregious cases, when dying in the village the old man, his relatives go to the villages and struggle to find young people who are able to carry the body to the cemetery, all strong men working in Russia.

“I was in Moscow, Novgorod, Kazan – what’s the Uzbek cherries in may, costs 400 rubles., although I beg to take her for 30? – I asked the dealer at the Chorsu market. – Bullshit! Your dealers used to carry “plastic” fruits and vegetables of Europe, and now bringing them from Turkey. Than Uzbekistan is not pleased? There’s a ton of vitamins, they cost pennies. But on the way to Russia becoming more expensive by 15-20 times. Why is it so?”Yes, me and most it is interesting. In fact, buying local products, we would help the economy of Uzbekistan (and your dinner table, too), thereby reducing the number of illegal immigrants from Central Asia. I have nothing against attracting labour force from abroad, but in reasonable quantities. Labor migrants, who come to us under the supervision of “Baba”, is still a crime, and terrorist attacks (among them feel great recruiters Islamists) and reduce in our country normal jobs. For employers it is easier to take the migrant, rather than a Russian citizen, a migrant can be paid in 2 times less. “Brother, now we leave out Russia – nods to taxi driver, Firdaws on the way to the airport. But don’t know: maybe soon I will return.” While in Russia for the first time has a chance to reduce the excessive number of migrant workers. And I hope we do not lose him.



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