Microsoft showed a typical day in the life of people in 20 years


В Microsoft показали обычный день из жизни людей через 20 летHow quickly things change.

President of Microsoft brad Smith and Vice-President of AI Harry shum published a book about artificial intelligence, and on the basis of their predictions experts have modeled day, the average person in 20 years.

Smith and the Noise they believe that the ultimate form of evolution of artificial intelligence – a personal AI assistant of each person. He is constantly accompanied by the owner. This entity will become an integral part of man.

Standard day in 2038 to begin with, that while a person sleeps, his AI assistant studies the master schedule for the next day and distributes commands to all intelligent home devices: boils water in the kettle includes a coffee maker and a toaster.

The assistant wakes up the person in the most suitable time for this, first carefully studied the sleep cycles of the host. After the user got out of bed, he would read out news and information activity in social networks – all AI will pick himself, analyzing the interests, schedule, and contact person.

Assistant to remind about upcoming meetings, weather, and scheduled events. The system will give recommendations on how to dress for the weather and when to leave home in order not to fall into the tube.

So AI people will not forget about birthdays of friends and relatives, because the assistant has access to their pages in social networks. If necessary, he will order the delivery of flowers and gifts, or book your table in the restaurant.

Coming out of the house, the man with maibutnyogo directly in salon of the unmanned vehicle will be able to connect to the business video conferencing, which brings together people from different countries.

Augmented reality glasses will allow everyone to be in a shared virtual conference room. Everyone will speak different languages, but the translator is not required, since the translation is automatically built into the conversation. When the chat is over, AI’s Secretary will prepare his resume.

While an unmanned car driven by a man in the office, the passenger can work on your presentation or other documents. The work is on media hub right in the car, and the AI is looking for information and gives advice close to the subject, which focuses on his master.

During the day, the AI parses the mail, minor letter itself, other klassificeret. While the man works, his assistant is studying his condition, measuring all key indicators. If something deviates from the norm, the AI copes or communicates with attending physician for consultation.

The doctor also helps the AI. On the basis of information about thousands of such cases, the system will give a recommendation: hospitalization or long-term treatment.

By evening, the drone will deliver all necessary medications that are prescribed by the doctor during the consultation. In the process of home treatment with the patient remotely watching the doctor. If performance improves, then everything goes according to plan and the person successfully completes treatment.

Otherwise, the doctor and AI develop another plan.


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