Microsoft promises to fix a broken Windows Media Player


Microsoft обещает починить сломанный Windows Media PlayerBug fix will arrive this month.

Two weeks after the release of the November cumulative update, Microsoft has updated the list of changes and noted that this update breaks the work of the search string in Windows Media Player. The bug affected is not only Windows Update 10 October 2018, but also all other versions of Windows 10.

If you are actively using good old Windows Media Player, you will be pleased to know that the fix for the bug (appears only with certain files, a format which Microsoft calls) will arrive this month. Microsoft promises to fix your player in the December cumulative updates, the release of which is scheduled for December 11. If the player won’t get fixed for next Tuesday, Microsoft may release a couple more updates before the end of the month as it did before.

Recall that a few days ago, Microsoft blocked the Windows 10 newsletter October 2018 Update on the computers with any antiviruses from Morphisec. Due to compatibility issues, users are not stored office documents, so Microsoft has decided to limit the users mentioned IN the current version of Windows 10, which in October have done quite a lot of noise due to the removal of files and other unpleasant joints. Fortunately, Microsoft is very quickly fixing problems in the OS.

I hope that in December updates will be no critical bugs.


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