Microsoft may purchase Electronic Arts to solve the problem with the games


Microsoft может приобрести Electronic Arts, чтобы решить проблему с играмиIf the deal indeed takes place, one should not expect that all EA games will instantly become exclusives to Microsoft.

In this generation of consoles, Microsoft is lagging far behind its main competitor — the ratio of sold PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is estimated as two to one. Microsoft is going to solve this problem and, perhaps, not hesitate to the most radical methods.

Polygon has published an article where they dismantled the current position of Microsoft. Among other things the website mentions a source, who is close to the hosts Xbox. This supposedly reliable anonymous claims that Microsoft is now considering to buy some large game company. Among the candidates mentioned PUBG Corporation, Valve, and even Electronic Arts.

All three of the least fantastic option sounds PUBG Corporation: still in the Studio, behind only PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds (albeit very successful). Valve will likely not fall for the offer: the head of “taps” Gabe Newell (Gabe Newell) strained relationship with Microsoft, and the Valve is not a public company and has no available shares on the stock exchange. Because of this, Microsoft could not buy shares in Valve, to increase its controlling stake and thus to make a hostile takeover of the (approximately it tried to do with Ubisoft Vivendi).

But with Electronic Arts all the more interesting. As writes Polygon, the market capitalization of EA is about 35 billion — a huge sum in itself. However, Microsoft supposedly have on hand available funds in the amount of $ 130 billion. So if a Corporation really wanted to, EA it is quite expensive. In addition, EA, unlike Valve, is a public company, in a sense, easier Microsoft.

If the deal indeed takes place, one should not expect that all EA games will instantly become exclusives to Microsoft. First, on multiple platforms portfolio EA corny will bring more money than one. Look at Minecraft: it does not remain only on the Xbox when Microsoft bought Mojang, and continued to expand into new devices.

Second, in the hands of EA now sensitive contracts. Say, sports organizations such as FIFA require that licensed simulators came out on a large number of platforms. Games the FIFA series are among the most profitable in the industry, it is unlikely Microsoft would want to lose such a tasty morsel. A similar requirement may be in the contract for Star wars is another franchise from which it would be foolish to refuse.

So Microsoft can do the following: games of EA Sports will come out as usual games in the “Star wars” too, but something smaller like Dragon Age or Mass Effect only on Xbox. Such a policy even fit into the future of services instead of consoles, which, according to some, dreams Microsoft.

However, this is only speculation. Although Polygon analysts expect Microsoft to announce some major gaming purchase in the near future. Funny thing: the rumors that Microsoft plans to acquire EA, went back in 2009. the Wheel of Samsara turned around!


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