Microsoft has blocked a popular torrent


Microsoft заблокировала популярный торрентMicrosoft has blocked a popular torrent client uTorrent

The Corporation of the United States Microsoft have blocked popular torrent client uTorrent, which is used by many users,
As it turned out, the antivirus uTorrent Microsoft now considers as a potential threat to the user

Official representatives of Microsoft confirmed that Windows Defender antivirus suddenly discovered the danger in the work of the popular BitTorrent service uTorrent. For this reason, the antivirus sends threat, in his opinion, the program to quarantine and quits her job on a PC. It is worth noting that many other systems for security also saw the viruses in uTorrent.

Staff BitTorrent Inc commented on the situation and stated that a failure has occurred in the new Assembly, so antivirus massively reacted to as a threat to the computer. At the moment, the developers modify the latest version of uTorrent, so that later users are not faced with problems.


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