Microsoft finally abandoned Kinect


Microsoft окончательно отказалась от сенсора KinectIn October of last year reported about the suspension of the device.

Microsoft no longer manufactures adapters Kinect USB accessories to connect the touch controller to the gaming consoles of Xbox One’s and Xbox One X and to computers on Windows 10. “After careful consideration we decided to discontinue the production of Xbox Kinect Adapter and focus on the new, more popular among the fans of gaming accessories for the Xbox One and Windows 10,” — said the representative of the company.

The first hint that Microsoft is going to stop releasing adapters, appeared in the year 2016. Then the Redmond giant has released Xbox One’s without the special port for the direct connection of Kinect. For eight months after the release of the console, the company offered a free USB adapter to owners of the controller in the transition from Xbox One to a new version of the console. In March 2017, Microsoft has closed the offer and return it with the launch of Xbox One X, which took place in November.

In April 2017, Microsoft noted that the adapter can still be bought for $40. But the last few months, it was not on sale neither in the store nor in networks like Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop. Because of this, the price of the accessory third-party sellers has soared to about $300.

Without Kinect it’s impossible to play in some of the projects for the Xbox One, so the exit Xbox One X Microsoft has released an updated edition of the number of games that does not require a special camera. Among them was Disneyland Adventures, Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure and Zoo Tycoon.

The console interface did not support gesture control via Kinect with Nov 2015. For voice control, except for one team to Cortana, the device is not required — a simple microphone. A company representative added that last October on Xbox One adds support for USB-Webcams that can be used to stream via a Mixer and Skype.

In October 2017, Microsoft will officially shut down production and the Kinect.


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