Microsoft announced a major update to Windows 10


Microsoft анонсировала крупное обновление Windows 10The official cost of the updated version is still unknown.

American developer Microsoft has announced the “charged” version of the popular Windows 10. This modification of IOS is intended for productive systems, in particular servers and workstations.

From its predecessors Windows 10 Pro for Workstations is characterized by the presence of a number of technologies that are applicable only in the case of having a heavy load of professional systems for efficient productivity and security. So, this OS version supports another Microsoft product — ReFS. Also there are provided support for Gigabyte GA-N and technology the rapid exchange of large volumes of data directly between your PC network SMB Direct, which significantly reduces the overall CPU usage.

To install an upgraded Windows 10 and in the most productive device, it is compatible with modern versions of Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron processors. The updated OS will be released very soon, but until it is officially unknown what will be the cost of the above product developer from the United States.


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