Mexico announced the Ambassador to North Korea persona non grata


Мексика объявила посла Северной Кореи персоной нон-гратаA North Korean diplomat must leave the country within 72 hours.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Mexico announced the North Korean Ambassador persona non grata, by ordering him to leave the country within 72 hours.

The Ministry noted that the reason for this decision were the nuclear tests of North Korea that violate international law and constitute a danger to the Asian region and the world.

“Today, the government of Mexico announced the Ambassador of the democratic people’s Republic of Mr. Kim Hyun-Ki persona non grata and gave him 72 hours to leave the country”, − reads the statement of the foreign Ministry.

According to authorities, the country’s President Enrique peña Nieto issued a decree, which obliged the state authorities to fully abide by UN security Council resolution regarding North Korea and the sanctions regime against North Korea.

Note, the DPRK Embassy are only four countries in North and South America − Brazil, Cuba, Mexico and Peru.

Recall, September 3, North Korea conducted a test of a hydrogen bomb, which can be used as warheads for ballistic missiles. It was the sixth nuclear test in the country.


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