Mexican archaeologists finally decided to open the tomb of Maya


Мексиканские археологи наконец-то решились вскрыть гробницу майя The adoption of the decision took two decades.

Mexican archaeologists have long debated the opening of the tomb of an ancient ruler. Finally they decided on it two decades later. The tomb was found at Palenque.

Below is a photo of K’s of UK Baglama depicted in a headdress, which in theory could belong to the first ruler of Palenque.

Archaeologists, unfortunately, did not announce a reason for not wanted to open the tomb. Do they have something to fear? According to some versions, experts have long identified the best method of preservation of ancient monuments. The thought, the word believe is very difficult. For some reason the other tombs were studied without any much thought.

Мексиканские археологи наконец-то решились вскрыть гробницу майя

It is expected that the sarcophagus has unique artifacts and items. It is not excluded that the place of buried a completely different person. For reference: K UK Bahlam I – ruler, who ascended the throne in the year 431 B. C. He ruled the ancient government for four years. Archaeologists in 2011 was able to see some of the items in his tomb with the camera, lowered into a hole.

So, in the sarcophagus there are murals, jade and shell artifacts. Findings can tell us the unknown story of the people of Mexico.


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