Metformin reduces the risk of muscle pain associated with taking statins


Метформин снижает риск боли в мышцах, связанной с приемом статинов

A new study has shown that Metformin can help reduce the risk of muscle pain associated with statin therapy.

This pain can interfere with the adherence to schedules of medication, which may potentially lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular events. Currently there are no approved treatments for pain associated with statins.

Researchers compared muscle pain from 445 patients taking statins, and 869 patients who took statins and Metformin.

The results of the study showed that compared with patients taking only statins, in patients who took Metformin, it was observed a decrease in the frequency of seizures (35% vs 42%) and pain in the legs and bones (40% vs. 47%).

The researchers calculated that Metformin by 23% reduces the risk of muscle spasms and 29% reduces the risk of foot pain when walking.


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