“Merry starts” Putin and Medvedev: the Russian money has nowhere to go


"Весёлые старты" Путина и Медведева: России деньги некуда девать

Wonder killed “athletes from Russia,” not received from the IOC invitation to the winter Games in 2018. They will be “Olympics”! And, it seems, even better than in Pyeongchang. Not from the point of view of results, of course. The results in the home get-together to think somehow ridiculous.

And the fact that our government promises to members of the Russian national team remained without the main competitions of four years (including in her power, fault) some “alternative Olympic games” confirmed on Tuesday the head of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev by signing a relevant decree.

In fact, it only formalized what had already promised to “uninvited” the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Wanted, apparently, so to comfort athletes. He is not one year devoted to youth training and competitions. To become in the USSR master of sports in two types of wrestling, and Vladimir Vladimirovich has fulfilled the master norm for judo and Sambo, you had one year to work up a sweat. Yes, probably reminded of the “Friendship-84” — Soviet alternative to the summer Games 1984 in Los Angeles. The Americans and Western coalition have ignored the Olympics in Moscow in 1980, we, together with the socialist countries responded to the same four years later.

Remember this is our President, and gave a mandate to the Prime Minister Medvedev, “with Ministers” about “Olympic compensation.” There was hope that a couple of dozen Russians, rejected Thomas Bach, will finally receive admission to the Games in 2018, but officials are already bustling. In the sports office by early February even called the approximate number of participants ‘alternatives’ — 920. And also the “capital” of the cabal — Sochi. However, later on the geography of the future “starts Les Miserables” has expanded. To Sochi added Kolomna, Syktyvkar, Khanty-Mansiysk, Petersburg.

The correspondent of “joint venture” called the administration of Krasnodar region to check the readiness of arenas, the timing of the competition. And will be sold on these events tickets. Maybe fans will be able to visit them for free — why not? Since to make up for everything! Do fans of the sport are just as much victims played in the run-up to the Games in Pyeongchang drama called “Olympic political dope”? One thing to watch and worry about their countrymen in the fight equal. Otherwise — how eminent masters fulfill the promised prize. Alas, all my questions remained without answers. Krasnodar have nothing to say themselves, as admitted, is nothing I not really know.

Speaking of potential participants one of the Sochi games. As you know, in the anti-doping scandal of the Olympic team of Russia lost 111 applicants for the trip to Pyeongchang. Among them are a dozen clear leaders of world sport, who had all chances for gold of the Games in 2018. A six-time Olympic champion in short track Viktor Ahn Olympic champion in biathlon Anton Shipulin two-time world champion in cross-country skiing Sergey Ustyugov, skaters Pavel Kulizhnikov and Denis Yuskov, skaters Ivan Bukin and Olympic champion in the team Ksenia Stolbova. From then this number of participants in the alternative — 920? To dilute the veterans? Promising young people?

“Our task now is possible to support Russian athletes. It is important to provide them the opportunity to show the results of four years of training and to provide financial support to potential winners and prize-winners of the Olympic winter games in 2018”, — announced the main goal of “compensatory Games», the Minister of sports of Russia Pavel Kolobkov.

— As I understand it, I want to invite foreign athletes from among those who for various reasons has not received in the current year, the Olympic license, told me on condition of anonymity specialist of one of the federations of winter sports. As he emphasized, “the average employee who comment have no right”.

“SP”: — That is, “lighted” on the use of performance-enhancing drug?

— Well, why just stimulants? Reasons for not approval can be very different. For example, the delay in execution of documents for obtaining a license because of change of nationality. Now “defectors” from one country to another a lot. Everyone is looking for better conditions. Over in biathlon, almost all South Korean men’s team — our Russian guys, now former. Together with trainers.

“SP”: — And what is the interest Shipulin to compete with them?

 — Prize…

The size of the prize has already been approved (by the same decree, signed by Dmitry Medvedev). Gold-medal — 4 million. For silver — 2.5 million, Bronze-1.7 million is Plus, apparently, the cars of prestigious brands — like real Olympians.

By the way, in the program of the planned events included biathlon, cross-country skiing, bobsled, speed skating. But figure skating? How to make money (or to work?) these same millions without guilt the master of dancing on ice man Bukin Ivan, never gave reason to suspect him of foul play, and his partner Alexandra Stepanova? Hockey players of Russian national team — the disengagement, remember, the International Olympic Committee was five?

— Ksenia Stolbova and Vanya man Bukin our Federation is guaranteed a place in the team for the world Championships to be held in March — said “SP» Lyudmila Velikova the first coach in the Pole. — I think they’ll do well up there with the best. The potential guys. A lot of unfinished emotions. Well, the commercial starts, of course, also be.

Am I guaranteed a place in the starting five at the world Championships-20018 hockey is not allowed in Pyeongchang, we can only guess, knowing the integrity of the head coach Oleg Znarka.

— Honestly, I don’t really understand why do we need these alternative starts? Commented on the story “Games No. 2” expert “SP», two-time Olympic biathlon champion Anatoly Alyabyev. Peak sports training those who are preparing for Pyeongchang, had come in February. It was very quickly followed by prostration, physical and moral, it is an axiom. And then resumes the stages of the world Cup, other international competitions calendar. They say they will invite foreigners. From among the inexperienced, to our looked better by comparison.

“SP”: — Well, here was once “Druzhba-84”, officials say…

— First of all, a completely different situation. “Friendship” then you gathered a lot of strong athletes (besides Soviet) of such leading in many countries, like the GDR, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, who also boycotted Los Angeles. Secondly, the Olympic glow on her and it was not close. I talked with the guys there speakers. “Training”, — they answered the question about their impressions. The Olympics nothing can replace. This is a special contest.

“SP”: — Any sports competitions require organization. Even if in the same Sochi arena, as we are told, in perfect condition, still under specific starts need training. And it’s money, and considerable.

— Yes, will cost “a pretty penny”! Need more than one million rubles, probably tens of millions… Money wasted! It would be better transferred to the regions, where are the guys that go to the Games. Or federations of sports. Those in the majority “not getting fat”. On the periphery because of this, many of the problems in children’s sports schools and facilities for the preparation, know that biathlon, Luge. If the funds are available, they have to spend wisely. Not like this “game”. Too zealous.

“SP”: — did you know the guys themselves, the Olympians asked — they need these events?

— I think, not asked. The authorities are guilty in what happened, and trying to make amends. Exactly the proverb: rushed to put out the small fire with water…

My opinion as always Alexander Nevzorov, journalist, publicist, writer, videoblogger.

— The power of nothing, she’s just playing to the athletes, — said Alexander Glebovich. — After all those a long time have come to start for the money. Such a thing as honor, pride for them, in General, empty. And the fact that almost all were in favour of a trip to Pyeongchang, in spite of the public — the whole world is fair! humiliation, took the strange conditions of the IOC, banned not only the flag, the anthem and shape, but also the right to perform Russian songs, and a lot more of this confirms their cynicism and practicality. Modern athletes are individual entrepreneurs. They all go, only its not to be missed. And where is the sport? And here sports?

“SP”: — you mean you don’t approve of the idea of alternative Winter games to Pyeongchang removed from Russian Olympic team?

— What is there to approve? What these games need? To sunk hundreds of millions to God knows where for the sake of dubious prestige whose? Something I have not heard that, for example, our physicians in the province received at least some compensation for their bestial working conditions in hospitals with the pre-revolutionary instrument and with barely enough to live on…


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