Merkel has put forward serious charges


Меркель выдвинули серьезные обвиненияMerkel was accused of abuse of office

It is reported that the plaintiff said that the Chancellor pays for flights on aircraft of the military and police that they make during the election campaign. Thus, the Berlin Prosecutor’s office launched an investigation of the complaint, the party of the HDZ and its leader Merkel. According to the publication, a complaint was filed by the lawyer, whose name was not called. It is reported that the lawyer felt that Merkel and her party pay at reduced rates flights on aircrafts of the Bundeswehr and the police, which they use during the election campaign.

Nevertheless, we know that the query in the Bundeswehr was sent by the Green party. Its representatives urged his political opponents, the CDU and Merkel personally, voluntarily pay the difference and offset the cost of flights. However, the CDU is said that they are acting in accordance with the rules. According to military officials, Merkel 50 times have used military aircraft to fly during the election campaign, but the party is paid for at the time only 14 flights. Noted that in average for each flight of the Chancellor of accompanying persons (not including security agents, who fly free), the CDU paid 1500 euros.

The publication States that Merkel pays the price for flying business class on Lufthansa, it turns out about 500 euros per person for one flight. However, the actual cost of one hour of helicopter flight Cougar is 18 thousand Euro and 30 thousand Euro on the Bombardier Global 5000, according to the publication.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that for the block of Christian democratic and Christian social unions, whose leader is German Chancellor Merkel, two weeks before Bundestag elections are ready to vote 37% of German voters. Note that elections to the Bundestag will take place on September 24.


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