Merkel advocated the continuity of the dialogue between Russia and NATO


Меркель выступила за непрерывность диалога России и НАТО

Меркель выступила за непрерывность диалога России и НАТО


© RIA Novosti / Alex Panzicov

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for the continuity of dialogue within the NATO-Russia, is important for the European world order.

“We can build the European world order, only with Russia. Therefore, despite the large conflicts in Ukraine and territorial integrity, I have always advocated that we did not interrupt the dialogue within the NATO-Russia adhere to the founding act Russia-NATO”, — said Merkel, a video podcast: with its statement is published on the website of the Federal Chancellor.

Merkel stressed that Europe needs to make efforts to improve contacts for a dialogue with Russia as part of European defence and security policy. “But it is necessary that the Minsk agreement were implemented. This would be a starting point for the resumption of a more intense communication,” said the Chancellor.

She also pointed out the importance of respecting “all the disarmament treaties concluded between the United States and Russia.”


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