Mercury found traces of aliens


На Меркурии обнаружили следы инопланетянUfologists have identified on mercury traces of aliens

To such conclusion experts have come, having studied images of the surface of this planet that were made with a probe “Messenger”.

However, a group of ufologists headed by Scott Waring, in spite of the certainty in the existence of an alien civilization on mercury, can’t tell whether she lives there still or not.

The American space Agency NASA in recent years actively interested in the mercury, however, they concentrated mainly on the relationship between the low gravitational force and atmosphere of the planet. While UFOlogy trying to find representatives of the so-called local population in order to establish contacts, so that in the future closer “cooperation” to avoid clashes.

However, scientists have only found out that on the surface of mercury, there are traces of the aliens. But it remains to be seen whether this planet is inhabited now or aliens already left.


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