Mercedes will release an electric model of the popular van


Mercedes выпустит электрическую модель популярного фургонаMercedes-Benz announced electric model of the Sprinter van, which is very popular among European utilities and companies involved in shipping. Details on how to be eSprinter, yet. It is expected that Mercedes will offer vans in a variety of configurations, depending on the needs of each organization. It is known that it will be an “urban model” is not designed for long journeys.

In operation of the electric vans will cost about the same as diesel.

Besides, eSprinter will be fully connected model. They can remotely control with your smartphone. For example, to turn on heating while you ski, to return to return to the warm van.

On sale eSprinter will arrive in 2019, but the exact date is not yet known. Even if the release of the electric van Mercedes running a little late, it will still produce a small revolution in the segment. As it is one of the most popular cars in the region, the replacement of the diesel version on an electric will be able to significantly reduce the level of air pollution in Europe.

Mercedes-Benz has officially started to implement its ambitious plan of electrification of the brand. In the next five years the company will build six new factories on three continents — in Germany, France, USA and China, and create a “global network” mini-factories for the production of batteries. The first electric versions of all models of Mercedes-Benz, including Smart, will appear by 2022.


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