Mercedes-Benz told about the bus eCitaro


Mercedes-Benz рассказала о электробусе eCitaroDaimler is investing heavily in the development of electric vehicles. Moreover, not only cars.

Mostly, of course, that any trucks or vans Sprinter type or eVito.

But the turn to the news and the Daimler Bus division of the German manufacturer. They intend to bring to market its new product — an electric bus Mercedes Benz eCitaro.

The regular version of the bus — Citaro — became a bestseller. In the world he has sold 50 000 copies. Now the diesel version will be replaced by fully electric.

To turn into electric buses, the Citaro has received some significant improvements.

Attachments electric bus Mercedes eCitaro hidden behind the elegant “ridge” on the roof. It is made of multi-component extruded aluminium profile. And glossy black lower part as it expands the already extensive glazing of this city bus. The upper part of the roof painted in the main color of the body and goes into the rack. This optical illusion provides the perfect proportions eCitaro and makes it easier visually.

As for the powertrain, the Mercedes elektroavtomat eCitaro equipped with electric motors on two axles. The battery system is modular and is divided into the rear unit (in the floor) and the front (roof).

The e-bus feed eCitaro Li-ion battery with a capacity of up to 243 kWh. They are modular, batteries can be divided into 10 modules, 25 kWh each. Standard in electroautomate contains two modules on the roof and four modules in the back of the bus. In fact, in eCitaro battery occupied the place where today a regular bus to the internal combustion engine and transmission. Depending on the needs of the client, you can install two or four modules on the roof eCitaro.

But looks like the power plant electric bus Mercedes eCitaro.

The range on a single charge the electric bus eCitaro varies from 150 km in summer to 250 km under ideal conditions.
The most interesting — the cooling system, which in the bus two. One to maintain the temperature in the cabin and one for battery cooling.

One of the hallmarks of eCitaro two of the cooling system. Compared with conventional (diesel) bus, the energy demand for heating, ventilation and climate control dropped by 40%.
As for charging, then plug Combo-2 is located over the front wheel on the right side of the bus.

And, most importantly, the buses already have a pre-order. First get the region the Rhine-Neckar region, is a metropolis in Germany with a population of 2.4 million people.


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