Mercedes-Benz Sprinter turned into a lowrider


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter превратили в лоурайдер The car got air suspension and low ground clearance.

With this delivery van Mercedes-Benz Sprinter attracts attention with its unusual color and nescapement body on low profile tires. This car works on the products for automotive fans, under the brand Sourkrauts.

The machine is made on the basis of conventional delivery van. The most interesting is hidden inside. And this is – adjustable air suspension on all wheels installed by specialists of the company are TA Technix. As a result, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter could drop a good 50 mm.

The machine includes two sets of tires with rims: 16-daimye for everyday driving and especially low-profile 21-inch, chrome wheels, on which the van is involved in a variety of shows.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter превратили в лоурайдер

Interesting detail is to manage the suspension by using a special application via a smartphone. Exclusive Mercedes-Benz Sprinter attracts attention wherever appearing.

However, Ukrainian roads this machine is ill-suited – so suspension and wheels will not last long.


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