Mercedes-Benz showed their best cars


Mercedes-Benz показал свои лучшие автомобилиFirst place went to sport car.

The developers of the company Mercedes-Benz has published a video, which showcased five of the best car brands by the creators themselves. Remarkably, first place went to classic sports car, released 63 years ago.

German developers are confident that the most luxurious and valuable cars Mercedes-Benz was released in 1955, sports Roadster Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR, the circulation of which at one time amounted to only two units. The model was powered by a 3.0-liter 310-horsepower gasoline engine from a Formula 1 car.

In second place is the most expensive in the history of the German company’s convertible – Mercedes-Maybach S650 Cabriolet, which had a recommended price tag of € 300,000 (about 21 300 000). In all there were 300 such vehicles.

The ranking follows the legendary Mercedes-Benz 600, which was produced from 1963 to 1981 and was often purchased by celebrities and big businessmen.

Fourth place goes to Mercedes-Benz G650 Landaulet which is the most luxurious and extreme off-roader company, and rounded out the TOP-5 sports Roadster Mercedes 540K 1936.


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