Mentioned ten signs of serious diseases


Названы десять симптомов серьезных заболеванийUnexpected at first glance, the factors can provoke the emergence of a strong disease.

Scientific experts said, in which external signals can detect internal problems of the body.

If one forgets about said a moment ago, this may indicate the violation of the blood vessels of the brain or even to a micro-stroke. Another dangerous signal about the deteriorating health can be problems with the organs of vision.

“The desire to scratch the eyes is a symptom of atrophy of the muscle tissue of the eyeball. If one sees everything as if through the mist – it can be first call cataract and blindness,” shared the researchers.

Heartburn after eating because of increased concentration of gastric juice, with which are also connected the negative processes of destruction of the gastric mucosa, leading to erosions and tumors. If during the holidays people are greatly snores and by day it constantly tends to sleep, it can be a symptom of breathing disorders, sleep apnea is extremely dangerous for the brain.

Often the resulting feeling that some part of the body of the people “served”, is a symptom of the nerve damage, the development of which can contribute to different diseases, including stroke. If the sores and lesions on the skin unexpectedly long time to heal, this indicates available in the body inflammation.

A persistent cough, according to doctors, can “warn” about asthma, lung cancer and heart disease. Constant thirst – diabetes.


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