Men with ulcerative colitis are more prone to prostate cancer, researchers found


Мужчины с язвенным колитом более подвержены раку простаты, выяснили учёные

Employees of the Medical school Feinberg (Chicago) revealed that in the presence of men of ulcerative colitis, the risk of developing cancer of the prostate.

Among inflammatory bowel diseases, is the leader of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Scientists at northwestern University conducted a study which determined the relationship between the frequency of prostate cancer in men with ulcerative colitis.

For participation in the experiment was attended by about 1,000 representatives of the strong half of humanity with inflammatory bowel disease, and almost 9,3 thousand men without any pathology. For 18 years of monitoring the participants of the experiment allowed to reveal that cancer of the prostate was more frequently observed among the participants from the first group. They have often revealed higher PSA values, which determine the presence of tumor markers in the prostate gland in men.

Experts believe that found a link between the two diseases requires more study to determine: triggers if ulcerative colitis is the development of cancer in men.


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