Men on the note: the main “enemies” of potency


Мужчинам на заметку: названы главные "враги" потенцииDoctors have described the factors affecting men’s health.

In order for many years to maintain good potency and have no problems in intimate relationships with the opposite sex, men should carefully monitor their health and keep him in his youth.

Doctors say that these factors ruin the potency:

1. Eating large amounts of sweets, provoking surges in blood glucose, but it is not good for the health of genitals.

2. “Beer belly”. Scientists have found a correlation between body type and men’s level and potency. So, athletically stacked men practically do not face such a problem as reduced potency.

3. Regular lack of sleep. It turns out that if a man is constantly not getting enough sleep, the body is hormonal failure and generally increases the number of hormones that are normally present in the body just given birth to women breastfeeding.

4. Irregular sex. For the production of the male hormone testosterone is essential of regular physical activity, one of which is sex. If it is in a man’s life is missing or is too rare, in the gym you need to walk daily.

5. Sauna/baths, and any other extreme Hobbies, provoking a surge of adrenaline, the overwhelming testosterone.

Judging from the list of deteriorating male health factors, one conclusion – to maintain potency you should lead a healthy lifestyle, namely, eat right, exercise, not Smoking and not drinking alcoholic beverages regularly examined by specialists and exclude promiscuity.


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