Members of trump’s Twitter was bots


Подписчики Трампа в Twitter оказались ботамиDonald trump now has a 42.4 million followers on Twitter

More than half of the accounts, signed by a U.S. President Donald trump on the social network Twitter are actually bots. About this newspaper writes The Economist, citing research site Twitter Counter, which tracks the popularity in social networks.

Donald trump now has a 42.4 million Twitter followers, which puts him in 21st place in popularity on social media platform. Even more impressive is how quickly he achieved this: last year the President’s rating increased by 22.5%. For comparison, the second-fastest growing popularity of Twitter was Cristiano Ronaldo – his rating grew by 32%. In addition, D. trump is ahead of many of his political opponents, including Hillary Clinton, the national football League and even the “new York times”.

However, D. trump is still lagging behind its predecessor. Former US President Barack Obama has 97 million subscribers, of which approximately 78% are real people. According to TwitterAudit, only 47% of subscribers Donald trump’s real. But according to the forecasts of the site, ten years trump can beat Obama with 297 million subscribers against 218 million.

At the same time, members of the Republican party would want their leader lost their dependence on Twitter, the newspaper notes. But this is unlikely, the article says.

Recall, November 3, Twitter has temporarily disabled the account of the American President.


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