Meghan Markle was dumped by Prince Harry and went to Canada


The Duchess spent three days in London.

Against the background of information that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are planning to lay down their duties and to separate from family, ex-actress left a wife in London and flew to Canada, reports the with reference for Today.

It is known that the new year holidays, the Dukes of Sussex conducted in Canada, breaking Royal tradition to celebrate Christmas in the circle of the British family. And yet the British, along with members of the Royal family can’t move away from the overwhelming statement of the honorable couple, Meghan Markle left Prince Harry and returned to Canada.

According to the publication US Weekly, the eight-month first-born of the Dukes Archie Harrison remained in Canada with a nanny and close friend of the Duchess of Sussex Jessica Mulroney. According to sources, the couple was preparing for a violent reaction to a loud statement. Punch press, which reacted negatively to the desire of the Dukes, took upon himself the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II.

“Now Megan and Prince Harry will try to sustain neutrality. They have scheduled a difficult conversation with the family, around which they have made their statement. When passions subside, they will tell you exactly how I plan to build my life. Many are concerned about their financial independence. Canadians are already concerned that they, as taxpayers, will have to contain a power couple. This is no evidence. Megan and Prince Harry insists that he will find a way to earn a living”, – stated in the message.

According to unofficial data, in the UK she will return with her son only after the scandal dies down.


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