Meghan Markle refused to give birth in the hospital


Soon the Dukes of Sussex will move from Nottighamshire mansion.

A new addition to the family, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry expected in the spring of 2019. The Duchess of Sassicaia supporter hypnologo – a kind of philosophy, whose purpose is to help women to perceive pregnancy and childbirth as natural processes, to learn to think positively, to establish a psychological bond with the unborn baby.

However, to give birth in a London hospital of St. Mary, as did Kate Middleton (Kate Middlton) Megan is not going to. Sources close to the couple report that the wife of Prince Harry intends to give birth at home contrary to medical advice – they recommend the firstborn born in the hospital.

As previously reported, in a short time, the Dukes of Sussex will move from Nottighamshire mansion, located on the territory of Kensington Palace, his official residence Frogmore. Megan is now busy with plans for the reconstruction of the nursery in their new home and apartment for my mom of Ragland Doria (Doria Ragland), which insists on natural childbirth.

By the way, in favor of birth at home is the fact that an overnight stay in the clinic where I gave birth Kate Middleton.


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