Meghan Markle broke Royal Protocol


At the official dinner the wife of Prince Harry sits wrong.

Daughter-in-law of Queen Elizabeth II Meghan Markle, which Prince Harry touching congratulated the 38-year anniversary, once again do not fit into the rules of Royal Protocol, said “Sedanka z 1+1”, reports the with reference to TSN.

Rumor has it that the Royal social events the Duchess of Sussex does not respect the rules of etiquette at the table. One of the blunders Megan – excessive intimacy with her husband.

As written DailyMail, the wife of Prince sitting at the table of the official dinner with your loved. And this is a terrible breach of Royal Protocol. In addition, the Duchess violates two rules of family behavior during the meal.

Another blunder – talk and flattery from her husband. This, by tradition the British monarch, judge, they say, because a couple of distracting attention from the reception.

Do not hit Megan and in conversations with other members of the Royal family. Under the Protocol all have to say with a French accent. The Duchess of Sussex not only does not, but communicates with a hint of American accent.

As far as the condemnation of such manners touched Meghan Markle within the walls of Buckingham Palace – the British press did not specify. And the Duchess ready for this, before it was publicly accused of violating various Royal regulations. That Megan could not tactfully to congratulate her nephew Harry, the Protocol has judged her for the inappropriate chosen decorations. In all cases the Duchess prefers not to pay attention to criticism.


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