Meeting of the Russian Olympic team in Moscow angered the West


Встреча российских олимпийцев в Москве возмутила Запад

The Western media are outraged a solemn meeting, which was arranged by the Russian Olympians fans in Moscow. Home sportsmen as heroes, despite the doping ban on the Russian national anthem and flag, say commentators.

Winning gold medals of the Olympic games-2018, the Russians in hockey tournament and the women’s figure skating at home was regarded as a feat. Western journalists that kind of reaction was not to their liking.

Last day of the Olympics became a triumph for the Russian men’s national team on hockey has won a victory over the German team in the final of the tournament. Although the performance of the anthem of Russia was prohibited, the athletes along with the fans have to shout the Olympic anthem after the resounding victory sends “si-EN-EN”.

The TV channel reminds that President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Thomas Bach denies that the winter Olympics in Pyeongchang was spoiled Russian doping scandal. 168 sportsmen from Russia went to compete at the Olympics under a neutral flag, as the national Olympic Committee of the country was suspended over the massive use of doping.

I remember the commentators, and how the doping samples of the two athletes was positive. And the closing ceremony took place without the Russian flag after the IOC voted to extend the suspension of the Russian Olympic Committee for doping. However, this could not spoil the Russian triumph, the “Inotv.”

Dni.Ru reported that sports officials have prepared for Russia’s new evil surprise: April 1, our country will lose their right to host any international competition. The ban will include all – from athletes to athletes.

As found by the journalists of the portal С corresponding document was adopted and published in November 2017. He was born in the depths of the WADA International anti-doping Agency. For unknown reasons, this solution is still not announced officially, cannot say, neither Russia nor the West, but the document is in the public domain in the Network.

This is a new international standard for compliance with the WADA code. From the Russian side the signature under it has put RUSADA, the activity of which with November 2015 is considered inappropriate anti-doping code. And it accept applications to host the world Cup and other international sporting events, WADA can only be from those countries, national anti-doping organization which was recognized by the code.

It turns out, no matter what the application is filed nor Russia, it simply does not take into consideration, this means that none of the world Cup, the Olympics, the race “Formula 1” or the Universiade in our country to carry out will be impossible. To already approved applications, this rule does not apply, so that football fans can sleep peacefully – the world Cup this year will be held in Russia.


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