Meet the BlackBerry smartphone Motion, with protection against water


An official announcement of the new smartphone BlackBerry Motion, for the last two weeks flashed on the teaser and rendering. The device was previously known under the code name Krypton, and it’s touch AIO PC without a physical keyboard, but with protection from water.

Sell BlackBerry Motion will be far not in all countries and will be a limited edition, although this approach to distribution does not make sense: the brand BlackBerry has long lost its popularity, and artificial restriction of demand will not make it more demanded in the market, especially at the price of 460 dollars. Currently known, not all features BlackBerry Motion, but this is the case when for less money you can buy a full-fledged flagship from Xiaomi, and OnePlus 5 in the basic version costs about the same. Here we offer the Qualcomm processor 625, 4 GB RAM, storage of 64 GB and IPS screen with a diagonal of 5.5 inches and Full HD resolution. Announced the availability of quick charge Quick Charge 3 battery capacity 4000 mAh using the USB port, but it is interesting only in comparison with the new IPhones with their Lilliputian battery and complete charging at 1 amp.

By default, BlackBerry Motion 7 runs on Android and upgrade to Android 8 finished only next year. Total Motion BlackBerry is a boring machine, but with an interesting design and supposedly for the business segment, although in this respect the distinguishing features of it, but there is the notorious frame around the screen.


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