“Medusa” found out who broke her leg designer Konstantin Konovalov


«Медуза» выяснила, кто сломал ногу дизайнеру Константину Коновалову

Police Officer Alexander Zhuravlev

“Medusa” found out who broke her leg designer Konstantin Konovalov, whom police detained on July 27, three hours before the start of the protest in Moscow. According to the newspaper, this man is a policeman Alexander Zhuravlev. “Medusa” came to the conclusion based on the study of social networks, photographs and eyewitness accounts.

The police have identified in connection with another incident: on Zhuravlev said the investigative group Conflict Intelligence Team Ruslan Leviev, who said that the police was going to hit on the head by a participant of the protest action, but was dissuaded by a colleague.

Leviev even sent me a link to a page Zhuravleva in the social network “Vkontakte”. Now the account is deleted, but the Medusa managed to find an archived version of the account of Alexander Zhuravlev. He subscribed to a public kind of “Police of Russia” and “Overheard the police”, and although pictures in uniform in the account is not (or at the time of archiving have been removed — “Medusa”), the surviving family photos in the account Zhuravleva and his wife, we can conclude that he and a policeman who stands at the foot of Constantine Konovalov, is one and the same person.

From open sources jellyfish found that Alexander Zhuravlev, commander of the 2nd operational regiment of Moscow police; he also participated in other law enforcement actions against protesters and activists: for example, Zhuravlev July 31, detained leader of the libertarian party of Mikhail Svetov after the failed talks in Moscow city hall (later the court arrested the light for 30 days).

Name and position Zhuravleva are also mentioned in the report of “media zones” with the trial of Light July 31: Zhuravlev went there personally as a witness and stated that they just noticed Mikhail Svetov on Novy Arbat street and arrested him because they received information about the participation of light in uncoordinated action. He Lights on the same court said: “Detention is not motivated by the fact that I was present on the Pipe area, and my political stance on non-cooperation with the municipality”.

The police officer that was in the picture with the detention of Konstantin Konovalov is on the foot of the designer, on the same day, July 27, appeared in another video where he urges citizens to leave (at this point, Tver was already closed).

The correspondent of “media zones” Alexander bredihin, attended the meeting of the Presnensky court on July 31, where Michael Lights got 30 days in jail, confirmed the “jellyfish” that the voice of the officer on video and a witness named Alexander Zhuravlev belong to one and the same person (in a “jellyfish” is the record of testimony Zhuravleva).

Comment from the press service of the Ministry of interior is not followed, a phone number linked to the account Zhuravleva, no one answered. The account of his wife, is now closed.

Earlier, the Tverskoy district court denied kanavalau’s complaint on the inaction of the UK. Before that, the Investigative Committee sent beaten by the police on the protests in Moscow six similar failures in addressing allegations of crime. The Department considered legitimate actions of the security forces.



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