Meditation will help keep the brain young


Медитация поможет сохранить головной мозг молодымOur cognitive abilities gradually decline.

Scientists have concluded that meditation can enhance mental capabilities and to protect against age-related cognitive decline. The study is published in the scientific journal journal of Cognitive Enhancement.

The urgency of the problem

As we age, our cognitive abilities gradually decline, which can affect reasoning, memory and our ability to focus. Because people now live longer, the researchers want to find ways to keep our brain healthy.

To do this, scientists tested a variety of potential interventions, including computer program cognitive exercises and lifestyle changes.

Meditation contributes to the development of a number of cognitive abilities such as mental clarity, stability and creativity. Scientists believe that it can stop cognitive decline. It is important to note that meditation is easily practiced at home and is unlikely to cause side effects.

Materials and methods

Scientists from the University of California (University of California) observed a group of people (40 people) who have attended meditation course for 7 years.

Participants held daily meditation sessions and were evaluated after 6 months, 18 months and 7 years. By the end of the study participants are still 40 people, and they reported that they continue to use meditation to average 1 hour per day. Participants were compared with a control group that was not engaged in meditation.

The scientific results

Scientists have found that people involved in meditation, demonstrated improvements in General psychological wellbeing, ability to cope with stress and they have improved attention.

The authors conclude: “These data provide evidence that prolonged practice of meditation may be associated with improved attention, which, as you know, is a sign of aging.”


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