Medina will oversee the policy of the state in a historical and humanitarian spheres


Мединский будет курировать политику государства в исторической и гуманитарной сферах

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said about what the new office will deal with the former Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky.

According to Peskov, Medina will oversee the policy of the state in a historical and humanitarian spheres, according to “Kommersant”.

– Medina will deal with the coordination of public policy in the historical and humanitarian spheres, – said Peskov.

We will remind that the new appointed President of Russia Vladimir Putin appointed Medinsky January 24. Medina held the post of head of the Ministry of culture since 2012. After the change of government on the appointment of the head of the Department of cinematography Olga Lyubimova.


Recall that the President promised that Medina will not be without good works.

Note that the experts assess the work of Medina negatively. In their opinion, the results of his work are: the destruction of heritage created since 1940-ies and the national school of restoration, the demolition of thousands of monuments and historic buildings.

Activist Elena Kozhevnikova called the result of the work of Medina for the country, “terrible and irreversible”.

– Annoying one-sided assessment of the media of the ex-Minister Medinsky, focused only on his activities in the field of cinema, theatre and Museum activities. Terrible and irreparable RESULT of his control – collapse and almost total elimination of the system of protection of monuments and cultural heritage objects of the Russian Federation and the Russian restoration school. What kind of patriotism in the film, insists Medina? writes Kozhevnikova.


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