Media: US sanctions create around Russia a giant toxic hole


СМИ: санкции США создают вокруг России гигантскую токсичную дыру

Anti-Russian US sanctions hanging over Europe like the sword of Damocles, says Edward Steiner, an article which publishes German newspaper Die Welt. According to the author of the publication, the Russian company is now threatening new restrictions, and the United States “make it clear that I do not seek to actively cooperate with the Russians in combating terrorism”, as in the sanctions list includes the Russian secret services.

Thus, the US state Department takes the tramp in the summer signed the so-called law CAATS (Countering America’s Adversaries through Sanctions Act, the Law on counteraction to opponents of the United States through sanctions – ed.).

“On January 29 the new regulations will come into force, marking the beginning of a new era of trade restrictions,” writes Steiner, noting that a ban on collaboration and investment for us citizens will affect the the largest international projects, if the share of participation of companies from Russia exceeds 33%. Under the American sight, including will and European projects, for example, in Norway as well as in Mexico, writes Steiner.

“Official Moscow’s reaction ranges from condemnation jiggle head to demonstrative calmness. Now a foreign company will be taken hostages, said Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov,” – said the author of the article, pointing out that the Russian enterprises in the defense sector and so has long been adapted to the sanctions.

But he also notes that among the companies themselves felt the strongest tension and vigilance.

“Anxiety gripped not only by Russian companies. German business is also frightened by the consequences (of the new sanctions – ed.) and is not in a hurry with investments in Russia. This is evidenced by the September data of the German-Russian chamber of Commerce. (…) More than half of the companies expect that Washington’s decision will affect them directly or indirectly, two-thirds fear a serious loss of profit”, – writes the German edition, not forgetting to mention that the new sanctions will have a negative impact on the expansion project of the pipeline “Nord stream” “Northern stream – 2”.

But with the aid of this gas transmission pipeline is planned to double the volume exported to Germany and other European countries with gas from Russia, writes Steiner.

“It’s beyond my comprehension as to why a third-party state may prohibit something that is beneficial to Europe”, – quotes the edition the head of the energy Ministry of Russia Alexander Novak, who said recently gave an interview to Die Welt.

“European countries should be encouraged to maintain its sovereignty and independent decisions related to the implementation of commercial investment projects on their territory,” – said Novak, explaining that he considers “non-competition” the main motive behind the US sanctions.

“They (sanctions – ed.) is not directed against Russia and against Europe, which will lose their sovereignty and ability to choose their own energy projects,” said Novak.

As writes the edition, even more straightforwardly expressed by the head of the Austrian company OMV Rainer Seele, who is also the Chairman of the German-Russian chamber of Commerce. His company participates in the project “Northern stream-2” together with other major European companies.

“Nord stream-2″ must be stopped halfway to the Europeans were forced to buy more expensive American liquefied gas”, – quotes the edition words.

Steiner in his article also specifies that the new sanctions from the Russian point of view – “create (…) giant toxic zone around Russia, largely increasing for foreign investors, the risk of cooperation with Russian companies involved in international projects.”

According to Steiner, it is unclear how Russia will react to new US sanctions, because they hit the sore points of the Russian economy. For example, many foreigners now wondering, will come into force if the ban on Russian government bonds: if so, it “will be disastrous because many foreigners have already purchased these high-yield securities”. Also, the publication quotes the words of Vyacheslav Smolyaninov from the Finance company BCS Prime, who in an interview with the German publication compared the situation with “nuclear bomb for the financial market”.


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