Media reported about the decision of Saudi Arabia to increase oil production


СМИ сообщили о решении Саудовской Аравии нарастить добычу нефти

Saudi Arabia for the first time in two years, increased oil production, reports The Wall Street Journal, citing sources among officials of the Kingdom. Moreover, there is information that in the near future the volumes shall increase even more.

After the conclusion in 2016 of the agreement the oil-producing countries on the freezing of oil production in Saudi Arabia did not grow. In mid-may, it increased by 100 barrels per day. In the next month is planned to increase production by the same amount overall volume of produced oil should be closer to 10 million barrels per day.

Violation of the agreement on the freezing of oil production Bloomberg associated with the request of Washington to increase the pressure on Iran, which depends on the export of this resource. The Agency reports that the US is “quietly asked” Saudi Arabia and some other OPEC members to increase oil production to one million barrels per day.

Perhaps the request was made during the conversation one of the representatives of the US administration with the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman al Saud, held on 7 may. The Reuters source also claims that Saudi Arabia knew about the impending anti-Iran sanctions the United States long before the official announcement.

“Madly and startling to see from Washington to Saudi Arabia received instructions about the replacement of the shortage of export of oil from Iran, which arose due to the illegal sanctions,” — said the Agency representative of Iran in OPEC Hussein Kazempur.


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