Media defeated the F-35: the experts have called the worst fighter weapons USA


СМИ разгромили F-35: эксперты назвали истребитель худшим образцом вооружения США

Media defeated the stealth fighter F-35, calling it the worst weapons of the United States. Moreover, a scathing article appeared on the American portal Business Insider. Very strange situation, given what kind of stress a PR fighter. And how much money was spent on its development. And the funny thing is that the reason for the pressure on Turkey for the purchase of Russian air defense system, the us also explained what the F-35. Supposedly, worried that sensitive data of this development will fall into the hands of the “bad Russian”.

So, based on the published article, the Americans confused the required parameters. As is known, the ratio of price-quality works in such a way that the first figure should be as low as possible, but the second highest. But not in the case when we are talking about the F-35.

The cost of using the fighter jumped to $1.2 trillion. And despite the fact that the aircraft has serious problems with reliability and readiness, as revealed in the recent exposure of the Pentagon. Experts were disappointed by the many flaws, problems in the software of onboard systems and other marriage. By the way, in the operating system of the fighter was found 276 potential vulnerabilities.

However, a sample previously and unpleasantly surprised. U.S. Department of defense have reported a serious defect in the fifth generation fighter. A valid lifetime has been in 4 times shorter than expected, will reduce a resource with eight thousand flight hours to two. This means that in 2026 some of the specimens will be removed from service. When you consider that the F-35 is the most expensive military project in the history of mankind, such issues are simply unacceptable.


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