Meat causes the development of severe mental illness


Мясо провоцирует развитие тяжелого психического заболеванияMania can manifest itself in different ways.

Meat has the ability to impact the brain without compromising the effect of narcotic substances, – this was stated by researchers from the Johns Hopkins University in the United States. They reported that contained in meat substances when injected into the human body can cause symptoms of the manic syndrome.

Manic syndrome associated with disturbances in parts of the brain responsible for emotions and mood of a person. It is defined as severe mental illness, which is characterized by the triad of defining symptoms – increased gipervozbujdenia mood, motor activity, acceleration of thought and speech function. Researchers from Johns Hopkins University found out that the chemicals contained in the meat, cause these symptoms.

Scientists have conducted experiments on laboratory mice divided into two groups. In one of these animals on a regular basis have got meat. Subsequently, in rodents-carnivores were recorded nervous and mental disorders. Researchers believe that in humans the relationship between permanent consumption of meat and violations of the psyche can act the same way as it was observed in mice.

For example, in humans there is a period of excessively good mood and markedly increased activity. Thus there is a sense of self strength and success in all directions, it may be a large number of unconventional and risky ideas. If someone or something interrupts intense activity, this increases the irritation and aggressiveness, people may act inappropriately and dangerously.


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