McLaren announced record sales


McLaren заявил о рекордных продажах McLaren Automotive officially reports that in the course of 2017 were sold a record number of cars.

According to published data, in total, the company sold 3 340 vehicles, about two-thirds of which are more accessible to the family of the McLaren Sports Series.

Specifically, over the past year the British company gave the customers 2 119 units models McLaren Sports Series. In turn 1 221 sold the car belongs to a more expensive family Super Series, which also includes the recently introduced coupe 720S.

Moreover, the company notes that the model of McLaren 720S entered the world market only in the second half of 2017. In addition, last year the British mark the beginning of the sales model 570S McLaren Spider.

Also in the press center of the brand emphasized that published data on the sales of the company McLaren Automotive in 2017 was not included the sales of the exclusive model McLaren Senna and accepted applications for extreme model hyper-GT, also known as BP23.

In an official statement, CEO of McLaren Automotive Mike Flewitt noted that in 2017, the cars were especially popular in North America.

Boss brand also emphasized that the more affordable model of the McLaren Sports Series has allowed the company to significantly increase sales and attract new customers.

Thus representatives of the company say that in 2018 is expected to further grow sales volumes of McLaren cars.


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