Mayor of St. Petersburg saw in the agitation for the Bulk of insulting the feelings of believers


Мэрия Петербурга разглядела в агитации за Навального оскорбление чувств верующих

Propaganda Cuba politician Alexei Navalny may offend the feelings of believers. To such conclusion came in the administration of the Petrograd district of St. Petersburg, passes “Fontanka”.

Thus, the officials explained the refusal to the headquarters of the Bulk of the picket. The appropriate response gave the Deputy head of the district administration Andrey Cibiogem.

“Stated place of picketing is within the vicinity of the Orthodox temple of the Prince Vladimir Cathedral, which is massively visited by Orthodox believers, including children, holding public events may lead to insulting the feelings of believers,” he wrote.

The cibiogem has also stated that holding a picket near highways (Dobrolyubova, Talalikhina and Bolshaya Pushkarskaya) can lead to an accident. As notes the edition, the city administration invited the activists to set the cube in a different place.

Earlier it became known that in Petersburg the carrier “Business line” is not producing part of the cargo with agitmaterialy activists of the local headquarters of Navalny, claiming that the parcel is still in transit. Thus, according to the volunteers, on the company website it was stated that the cargo arrived at the terminal and awaits payment. The headquarters are going to go to the police and the Prosecutor’s office due to the loss of the cargo.

Searches and problems with the results of campaign materials began in the other regional headquarters policy. So, the searches took place in the headquarters in Yekaterinburg and Kazan. Promotional materials seized in Saratov, Tula, Samara, Ufa and Krasnodar. Previously, flyers and t-shirts were seized in Orel, and Vologda; in Cheboksary, the police detained one of the employees, claiming that he wanted.

Director of the Moscow warehouse of the election campaign Navalny was taken in for questioning in the UK, warehouse seized 205 thousand Newspapers and flyers. Moscow headquarters on 6 July blocked, the Windows had bars put. Police said that the headquarters was searched in the investigation of criminal cases of arbitrariness (article 330 of the criminal code).

The volunteer Aleksandar Turovsky, who was on duty at the headquarters of the night, beaten and accused of disobeying a police officer. Later he was taken to the hospital, doctors diagnosed him with a concussion and a traumatic brain injury. Turov is now in court.


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